e-StudentTracker is made up of an ever growing and enhancing number of available modules, all of which are optional additions to make up the integrated solution specific to the needs of your college or school. The following are considered as the core modules available, however the framework itself is capable of many more bespoke or third party embedded modules:

Dashboard Dashboard

The Dashboard is the customisable secure portal of e-ST, personalised to each individual user based upon type and role.

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Markbook Markbook

The Markbook is a fully comprehensive academic and vocational assessment recording and monitoring system, including tracking functionality.

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The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) module is a very flexible system that allows the creation of fully customisable subject and pastoral review forms.

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Pastoral Pastoral

The Pastoral module replaces all types of curriculum and pastoral communication concerning students including emails, paper trails and any bespoke systems.

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Learner Support Learner Support

The Learner Support module is designed to record student support requirements, initial diagnostics assessment notes, free school / college meals and bursary entitlements, and medical information.

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References References

The References module provides a flexible user-friendly platform for staff to write references for students for the purpose of higher studies and employment.

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Feedback Feedback

The Feedback module allows for custom surveys to be created and sent to specific individuals or entire groups of students or even staff.

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Messaging Messaging

The Messaging module allows for messages to be sent to specific individuals or selected groups of staff and students.

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Reporting Reporting

The Reporting module has been created to provide a route into any of the core dashboard reports provided as part of the e-ST suite of products.

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