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The Reporting module has been created to provide a route into any of the core dashboard reports provided as part of the e-ST suite of products, or to provide a seamless integration into any custom reporting that you may set up through third party reporting software such as Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services or off-the-shelf products like Dynistics.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services & Dynistics


Key Features

  • Easy access to 'contextual' reports
  • Provides real-time information for SMT, Middle Managers and Teachers
  • Integrates with MIS Reporting and external sources of information
  • Re-usable and exportable custom reports
The reports interface provides role specific navigation and menus to suit the needs of the specific user, plus familiar searching and filtering options that can be fed into the report without the need for further user interaction outside of the dashboard.

Reports can combine information from all e-ST modules along with information held elsewhere within college MIS systems or other sources of data that might be required.

All reports are generated and presented in a seamless manner through the dashboard, as well as providing a way to embed them as panels on the main dashboard itself using graphical representations of key performance indicators (KPIs) at a college or course level.

An analysis tool allows for the investigation and summarisation of data from all areas of e-ST, with a variety of grouping, sorting, and filtering options, in both numeric and graphical display modes. These customised reports can then be exported for offline use or have the configuration saved for quick and easy re-use, both by the original creator and, optionally, by other users of the dashboard.

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