e-ST is available as either a web-based version that works with existing MIS systems and which can be hosted within the institution, or as an e-ST Cloud version, which can be hosted off-site and which comes with its own simplified MIS interface (including registers functionality).  Both versions of the system present managers, staff, students and parents with a user-friendly single point of access to:

  • Personal and academic data, including courses, timetables, examination data, attendance data and reports
  • Full search functionality, including easily locating students by class or group and searching the staff directory
  • Class and homework assessment marks for academic courses and recording of vocational unit grades (including generating SRFs)
  • Tracking of learner progress, with easy access to information about target grades and levels of achievement relative to those targets
  • Fully integrated electronic ILP system, combining subject reviews, pastoral feedback and reporting for parents
  • Comprehensive pastoral messaging, tracking and pastoral log functionality for the purpose of identifying praise, rewards and concerns
  • Attendance and academic progress reporting improving the quality of teaching and learning outcomes as well as supporting early intervention strategies
  • Student reference system, fully adaptive for UCAS student supporting statements and tutor references
  • The dashboard, custom designed to match your branding, is fully responsive across multiple devices and platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows devices
  • College calendar and news bulletin
  • Fully configurable learner / staff survey system
  • Management console allowing for configuration of modules and user permissions
  • On screen graphical reports along with integrating existing bespoke reports

Integration Options

There are a growing number of integration options available with regards to e-ST, from provision of core MIS information in real-time to be displayed on the dashboard or used to drive any of the academic or pastoral modules, through to other third-party systems to ensure all data needed by students, staff, and parents can be accessed from one central, easily accessible system. Bespoke work can be carried out to integrate additional systems as required, such as a new MIS, third-party tool, or in-house system that an institution may have in place.

e-ST handles integration with these various systems by normalising the data into a standard format before using it for processing and display. This approach also allows for the underlying systems to be changed at any time with minimal effort and no loss of data. For example, institutions are able to opt to migrate from REMS to EBS, or vice versa, and, with some tweaks to this data layer, the dashboard and all of the modules will continue to function as before with no changes apparent to users. The diagram below demonstrates this mechanic graphically.

REMS : Resource Education Management System<br /><i>(Civica, formerly Corero)</i>
EBS : Education Business System / MIS
UNIT-e : Management Information System<hr />SIMS : School Information Management System

Bromcom : MIS Systems, Online Reporting and Virtual Learning Enviroments
moodle : Open-source learning platform
bksb : Specialists in GCSE and Functional Skills eLearning
Ofqual : Regulators of qualifications, examinations and assessments

Any of the sources above<hr />Any other MIS platform<hr />Other third party systems<hr />Bespoke sources
Data Sources

Data from various sources normalised to a standard that e-ST can work with


Cross-platform user-friendly screens produced targeted at each type of user

Subject teachers<hr />Personal tutors
Senior leaders / Managers<hr />Middle managers / Subject & pastoral heads

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